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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> [inaudible] >> tragedy in southwest baltimore, a fire claimed the lives of two children, their mother, and her unborn baby. that is the big story tonight. the fire started just after 1:00 this morning. fire officials say the flames engulfed several homes, damaging nearly one dozen. we have the very latest in a heartbreaking story. >> because of the fire is under investigation, but officials have identified the victims. >> if you have seen the house, you knew what the outcome was going to be. >> firefighters found her
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pregnant body along with her young sons. >> they lived next door to me, so it is heartbreaking. they were like family to us. they were good people. it would babysit if i needed a baby sitter, their kids were like my kids. >> flames broke out around 1:30 in the morning and it wasn't long before neighbors scrambled out of their beds to safety. >> i could have bronchitis, i have my inhaler more than once, it was so sick. i could not see anything. >> fire officials are trying to figure out what started the fire. >> is the customary, or is there something that what you to bring are sent out? >> is customary. there is nothing that stands out
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to us about this particular fire. >> victims wasted no time cleaning up and salvaging whatever belongings they could. >> is heartbreaking. that is all. how do you come back from that? it is horrible. >> a number of homes have been condemned because of water, smoke, or fire damage. the local red cross is helping families in the meantime. >> to adults and two children are recovering after a fire in colombia that broke out just after 1:00 this morning in the 5600 block of stevens forest road. 34 people are now displaced, and no word on the cause of that fire either. at annapolis man was assaulted during a home invasion. police say it happened around 9:00 this morning in the 500
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block of francis nicholson way. no description was given. several east baltimore residents were caught off guard when a police pursuit came to a crashing end to just outside their doors are around 8:00 this evening in the 2000 block of north washington street. residents are dealing with the damage. >> luckily, no one was injured in that crash, but the homeowners have a really big mess on their hands, and police are partly to blame. >> my steps are gone, and there is a crack on my porch. >> she is looking at the aftermath of the crash that ended right on her doorstep. >> i'm on disability and i don't have the money to pay for this. >> according to police, investigators spotted a van with defective brake lights, and when
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they took their license and registration, they sped off. he threw marijuana out of his window into the van sped through the intersection and slammed into another car. >> of the car that was being chased hit the sedan. it went into her house, and the van went across. >> of the crew is working to repair the damage to the stairs. they have no gas or water. >> why with the police chasing someone that time of mourning when there are kids going to school. >> and the incident is under investigation. a vehicle pursuits are against department policy. >> now luck. the suspect hit three houses. i love that they are doing their job, but what expense does the
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public have to pay? what expense do we have to pay for them doing their job chasing someone? >> of the suspect fled on foot and the helicopter helped police track him down. people at including a child suffered minor injuries. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> and eighth person has died after eating tainted cantaloupes. it has been traced to jensen farms of colorado. the melons were shipped between july and september. 55 people in 14 states have gotten sick. if you have cantaloupes from jensen farms, you are advised to throw it away. wall street took a beating today
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after fears that the u.s. and the world are headed for another recession. at one point, the dow lost 527 points, closing down 3.5%. blue-chip stocks, oil and gold all took a hit as investors turned to government bonds for safe haven. as americans try to rebuild their retirement portfolios, it is important not to get caught up in the day to day trading turmoil. >> look at your statements quarterly, don't at what is happening and let it speak to you. making in the motion driven reaction is a mistake. >> they will help reduce interest rates and stimulate spending. president obama chose a symbolic location to get support for his jobs bill. he spoke on the bridge that connects kentucky and ohio. they have to be the home states of the john boehner and mitch
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mcconnell. >> i know these men care about their states, businesses, and workers. i can't imagine the speaker wants to represent a state where nearly one in four bridges are collapsed by being substandard. 1 and 4. i know that when senator mcconnell visited the close the bridge, he said that roads and bridges are not partisan in washington. >> be house speaker criticized the plan as a poor substitute for growth. mcconnell reject it as another stimulus package. the presidential nomination heats up in the south. candidates took to florida for the third debate in 15 days. texas gov. perry is looking to widen his lead.
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>> the republican hopefuls kicked a swipe at the man whose job they hope to take. >> government erected temporary fixes in giving do not work. >> of the spotlight the centered on the front runners, rick perry and mitt romney. >> the federal government should not be in the pension business. it is unconstitutional and has to be returned to the states. >> you took that line out. so speaking of not getting it straight. >> taking every opportunity to paint romney as obama-light. >> the race to the talk is not conservative. >> romney taking swipes at perry. >> of the issues they the same. jobs, education, foreign policy, and the strategy.
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>> that dog won't hunt. >> and others taking shots when they would. the republican field getting more feisty, but on this night, no less crowded. >> states could soon have a way around the requirements of no child left behind. president obama will announce plans to exempt states if they meet certain conditions. some include standards to prepare students for college and careers, a valley lead teachers and principals in a way that will make them more accountable. the annual yearly progress section of that law. >> if we did not make it the first year, the target keeps moving. we might be making a lot of growth and we might be doing a lot of things in the school, but we will not make the a.y.p.
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as a consequence, we get labeled. >> waivers has failed to make it, and th. we will report from washington tomorrow at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. speed cameras are on the move, we will tell you the new locations. and holes are going up. while officials claim the increases are necessary. >> there is a responsibility to restore power to the customers and they should not have to pay extra to cover the cost the response. >> it is costing them major dollars with the recent storms. and why facebook is personalizing profile pages. >> converging on the mid-
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atlantic region, a flood watch is heading. 76 down town. 76 down town.
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>> speed cameras could be coming to your area. the devices will be in operation from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and will be leading hawthorne elementary, sparrows point, and other high schools. driver behavior has greatly improved in those areas. be sure to click on "traffic." if your daily commute takes you through a toll, a little bit more cash but the maryland transportation authority voted to increase tolls. the bay bridge at the henry, will also be affected. much of the public is furious, but the board says it needs a
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way to pay for $225 million in maintenance projects. >> $225 million without any legislative oversight is an outrage. it is wrong. >> there is never a good time, but commitments were made as early as 2005, and when the bills are due, you have to have the money to pay for them. >> this on the heels of the census data that shows that the baltimore metro area ranks 10 on the list of the nation's longest commutes. some are concerned that there will also be a rise in their pg&e bills. they say it cost $81 million to restore power to everyone during hurricane irene. but they say customers should not worry. >> there is no argument the hurricane was a huge headache for a lot of people in the greater baltimore area. it cost the company about $81
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million to get everyone's power back on line. >> it is a very expensive proposition to have to clean up after a storm that has a devastating effect that this one had. >> more than 756,000 outages were restored, included replacing 348 poles, 250 distribution transformers, more than 8100 fuses and almost 730,000 feet of wire. almost 493,000 were because of fallen trees or lambs, and an additional 51,000 because of fallen or broken polls. a hundred and 21 because of lightning and a little more than 212,000 for other reasons. the question is, who will pay for the bill? >> they have a responsibility to restore power to the customers, consumers should the have to pay
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extra. >> representatives are concerned for consumers, feeling that they may try to ask for distribution rate increases. >> is that they will follow the process, they do it a lot to enact a rate hikes. we feel that it might be something that they would be considering. dr. bill be holding public hearings concerning the response and the cost, that they will look at a five-year cost average to determine if a rate increase is needed. officials believe since the last distribution hike was just last year, the odds of another even with the hurricane costs are unlikely. >> there will not be any kind of hurricane related charges that will cause the building go up any time soon. >> of the public service commission has plan to several public hearings and will open the floor to comment. riposted dates and times on the web site.
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recent disasters have made extra efforts to educate the public. an emergency management officials teamed up this afternoon to hand out free emergency supply kits. visitors also received information on how to prepare for emergency situations have the chance to volunteer for local preparedness groups. there is good news for works looking for part-time work. toys r us wants to add more than 40,000 employees this holiday season. temporary positions will be available at the distribution centers. and retail stores. it will start hiring over the next few days and will fill positions through november. the ever growing social media giant facebook says it will get a major makeover.
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it will use an application to redesign the profile pages. it is called timeline and organizes photos, videos, all the way back to birth. the ceo says he is excited to unveil the new set out which is creating personal histories of users online. >> the timeline is the story of your life. it is an exciting time to be part of building all of these social applications that are possible. >> it is an attempt to keep users on the side longer that will draw more advertising dollars to the company and help ward off competition from new social networking night -- sites like google plus. >> in most areas, the rain held off. it got a little foggy in some spots, but in the immediate the baltimore city area, dry weather continues. that is likely to change as early as don as the heavier
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showers are approaching from the south. there is a flash flood watch for tomorrow because of the rain continues to make its way north. there are also showers approaching from the west. eventually, we will have to deal with the wet weather. forecasting rain over the course of the next 24 hours. many areas may have received 1 2 inches of rain. the rain chances will begin tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. it indicates an inch and a half or more of rain. a few red spots indicating two or 2.5 inches of rain. the weather service is running a flash flood watch. down the eastern shore to the coast and all the way down to southern maryland, if we get some of the heavy downpours, it will easily flooded. the rainfall has just been a couple hundred seven in.
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we did have some rain early in the morning and in some spots with some decent showers. we got to the low 80's for high s. we will see these numbers on the thermometer holding nearly steady. with the clouds and showers, back in the middle or upper 70's tomorrow. maybe some heavy downpours around the bay on friday, it could be a wet early morning. southeast wind and temperatures at 67-72. call begins tomorrow morning, but it will feel like summer time. on the warm side of this front. moisture coming out makes it a wet system. statewide by tomorrow afternoon and evening, heavier showers and storms becoming more scattered over the weekend. as you can see, there are still showers in the area going right
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in the sunday evening. will not get out from underneath this or wet weather pattern until next week. 73-78, showers and a heavy downpour coming through with the thunderstorm. the wind will average five knots and get the gusty as some of the heavier showers and storms track through. the wet weather going into the weekend with temperatures in the 60's. thunderstorms become more likely, but the farther south and east to go, some showers and storms could produce locally heavy rain with highs in the mid to upper 70's. it means the wind has come down a little bit, down to 50 miles an hour. it looks like it will avoid a major land areas, perhaps becoming a threat to bermuda sometime during the middle part of next week. the forecast for the baltimore area, showers and storms on the first day of fall, a little son
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of the weekend, the high close to 80. the rain chances diminished on monday. >> the coordinator is in a hurry to see his unit to improve, but he is not in any rush to have his offense rushed down the field. we will explain in sports. >> with me is the maryland lottery drawing official. tonight's jackpot is an estimated annuity of $2.4 million. here are the winning numbers for thursday, to #22. 42. 3. 26. -- that makes to the's numbers 42, 3, 26, 41, 24, in 17. if nobody matches all six
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numbers, the jackpot climbed to 2,000,005 and a thousand dollars. -- $2.5 million. for the latest lottery news and numbers, visit
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>> after a jekyll and hyde start to the season, they had the
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saint louis on sunday, wondering which team will show up. they expect the offense to put on a much different performance than in the road trip last week. >> of the rams offered the same four-man front, but attack with a blitz is far more often. maybe that is a good thing for the ravens. >> tennessee took every blitz and threw them out. how did not lead to the whole day. they said they're going to try to see if you guys can execute and we will try to cover you. >> one thing that has remained a bone of contention is that with 12 minutes to grow, they wanted to know huddle. cameron explained that, the approach to that attack with 12 minutes to go. >> i pulled the offense a out there, we will run the two- minute package, but we're going to howell. you have to get the first touchdown. you need to score.
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make sure everybody is on the same page. until this group has been together a little bit longer, you want to make sure you are on the same page first and foremost. that is under 10 minutes, that is a two-minute deal for sure. it is right in the grey area and i want to make sure that we were on the same page. >> another week will help the offense, on the same page, but the best remedy is to not tell by 13 in the fourth quarter. -- trailed by 13 in the fourth quarter. >> the rams' second year quarterback sam bradford remains one of the three starting quarterbacks who have not thrown an interception. last week, they kept the giants and the new orleans saints started faking injuries.
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>> the biggest challenge will come with handling the tempo of the game. we're spending a great deal of time on communication. that is one of our biggest concern right now, have the time, they weren't even lined up. >> of the cincinnati bengals on drums and did not go to practice, he had other issues to attend to. police confiscated a package containing marijuana shipped to his home. they found more pot inside of his house. officials believe his house served as a distribution point. he has not yet been charged but could face federal charges in the ongoing investigation since the drugs crossed state lines. six games left for the orioles' season. you won't find a positive spin this year. they can close out the awful state and as they beat the tigers today.
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atom jones, finally. starting to figure it out. way too late. gave the orioles a 4-0 lead. the tigers will sail to the post season. nolan comes up with an infield single, the go-ahead run proved to be the winning run. in dhaka the tigers' 6-5. terps havenk the nailed it quite yet, but they keep creating a buzz and anticipation. for the third time, they take the field with a new look. this week, they'll go with black helmets, black pants, and yellow jerseys. i like the white pants myself with the state flag, but that is me. all signs point to a big win and
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recruiting for maryland. have become a huge hit with prospects with their cutting edge approach. in standardk to rod suit and tie. >> he is mad at me because he called the third best friend. >> we have the always entertaining and me on the show tonight. and
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